Winka Global Institute is now offering a range of English language courses enabling the English language learners an exciting range of English programmes demanded and required for employability and higher education in today’s competitive and challenging world of business and education. The fact that English is a sine-qua-non-is well understood, but how to enhance one’s English language knowledge and skills up to this standard remains a problem which has not been adequately addressed yet.

General English

General English for Adults is a result of a series of surveys conducted through which it was found that there is a great vacuum of opportunities for those who wish to learn English language focused on the actual social requirements. The programme is designed including all necessary areas needed to communicate in English. On completion of this programme, the students will be evaluated through a written examination and those who have successfully completed will be awarded with a certificate.

English for Effective Communication

English for Effective Communication is the other programme offered by us. This programme is specifically designed for employees and upper intermediate students of to improve their communication skills effectively. Essential grammar lessons are also included in the programme enabling the students to produce well-structured and professional way of written and oral communicative approach in any business and educational environments.

Spoken English

Spoken English is totally a practical programme designed to eradicate shyness and fear of speaking in English among students of different age categories. The students are trained giving them the necessary exposure to speak in English confidently and naturally through various group and pair activities designed scientifically and logically. Speech Circles will also be a part of this course in which students are given more opportunities to take part in spoken activities. Majority of Sri Lankans today have become backward in communicating in the English language. One of the reasons for this is that the students who learn English in the classroom have no opportunities to practice the language outside the learning environment. We, Winka Global Institute have recognized this need and formulated a programme for students to overcome the fear and shyness of speaking English.

In addition to the above programme, we conduct English language classes for O/L and A/L students focusing their examinations. Those who complete those courses, can follow English for Academic Purposes which will further improve their English language knowledge and skills.