WINKA GLOBAL INSTITUTE is established as an educational institute to cater to the demanding requirements in Sri Lankan education system. The long-term hands-on experiences in the field of education and a panel of resource persons who are academically and professionally qualified and competent stand as a pillar of strength enabling us to assure a world-class education to mold the future generation equipping them with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be globally accepted and recognized.

We are specialized in teaching Japanese language and succeeded creating avenues for students to get an international exposure educationally and professionally.


Offering a range of English language courses enabling the English language learners an exciting range of English programmes …

We are researching and developing a program which will enable students to cope with the various problems encountered in Japan Language

Classes conducted by a well experienced IT professional.

Winka Global Institute is awesome, and I suggest if you willing to learn Japanese in Sri Lanka go to this place. They provide the instructions and good consultant during visa process. Winka Global Institute is very helpful to for find the suitable Course for Study.
Saman Deshapriya